Romania is one of the countries that do not have a combined study system. Training is either completed while you work or at university. However, voestalpine Automotive Components Arad has started a project to change this. In the new academic year, students at Aurel Vlaicu University in Arad will have the option to expand their academic career by gaining practical operational experience at the voestalpine Automotive Components site. They will have the option to either gain practical experience under the supervision of a tutor or to complete their projects and theses in cooperation with the company.

To date, this is a unique and completely new opportunity for students. voestalpine Automotive Components Arad S.R.L. is playing a pioneering role for the region. Arad is an economic hub which is particularly important for the automotive industry. The voestalpine site has realized the importance of offering young people better training opportunities and knows that investing in the next generation is an investment in the future.

There has been a lot of interest in the combined study program in Arad. The Romanian Ministry of Education sees this as a positive development and is supporting the voestalpine Automotive Components site to further develop the combined study program in Arad.